Hi! I’m Angela Hanshaw.

I’m a front-end developer who loves to build things.

Learnerator Quiz Prototype

Role: Front-End Developer

Project: Learnerator provides practice questions for students preparing for AP, college entrance, literature, graduate, and certification exams. The client requested a more uniform look for the site and wanted visitors to be able to get an immediate taste of the test questions on offer. Our team’s designer created a revised home page in Photoshop that included an interactive quiz, which I then turned into a working prototype. Users can choose from specific categories or get random questions; their score is presented at the end.

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, and JSON.

Date: Winter 2014/2015

Inscites Mobile Web App Prototype

Role: Front-End Developer/UX

Project: Inscites is a desktop web app designed to allow scientists easily share data. Our team’s task was to create a streamlined mobile version. I participated in user interviews to determine which features would be most useful, reviewed wireframes created by team members, and created this prototype based on a Photoshop mockup.

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery.

Date: Winter 2014/2015

Portfolio Site for Jennifer Dominiak

Role: Designer, Front-End Developer

Project: Jennifer Dominiak, a graphic designer, asked me to update her existing, multi-page portfolio website. I suggested she add a contact form and consolidate her content into a single-page site. I presented two pencil-sketched concepts, and the final design contained elements of both. Portfolio items are arranged by masonry.js to simplify adding new work. I also suggested she add more marketing content to the site; we’re currently working on a revised version to be launched in spring 2015.

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, and jQuery plugins.

Date: Fall 2014

About This Site

If I’m creating a site from scratch, I’ll almost always start with pencil sketches, move to wireframes if things need refining, then go for markup and code.

In this case, though, the idea for displaying my work in sliders popped into my head, and I went right to work in Sublime Text. I also used CodeKit to compile my Sass and check my Javascript, Photoshop to prep the images, and ImageOptim to shrinkify them. Finally, I checked the site across browsers. View my work on Github.

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About Me

I designed and developed my first website in 1994. (Sadly, no screenshots exist, but I can assure you it was way ahead of its time.)

I have an interior design degree. (Need space planning help, or a second opinion on a paint color?)

I love running. (And racing. I’ve run at least one race every month since September 2012.)

I firmly believe that otters are the most awesome animals. (Dogs are pretty great, too—especially mine.)

I may be a bit overly fond of parentheses.